Best Flea Pill Medication for Felines

Comfortis For Cats

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Since you’ve landed on my site you’re probably looking for where to buy comfortis for cats online. I wanted to let you know that you’ve come to the right place and you do not need to look any further. I have done all the work of searching for where to purchase comfortis online for cheap- without any discount code, rebates, coupons or anything of that nature (although the site I am sharing with you has additional discounts if you want.)


When I would look for Comfortis for my cat, I found that all the prices costed an arm and a leg at around $100 or more. Furthermore, I needed to get a veterinarians prescription for Comfortis flea medicine and without it I couldn’t get it at all. So by going through a veterinarian it would cost me an additional $50-70 bucks for a check up and exam for them to prescribe me a 6 month supply of Comfortis flea pills. I already had my cat checked out before and I know this flea medicine works on her so I didn’t want to waste time by going to some vets office. This set me off to find a solution.

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I had to find an online store that was trustworthy and was run or facilitated by a vets office at least so I know it was safe to give to my pet. In addition to that, I wanted to make sure that it was safe to give to my pet without any bad reactions albeit like any medication it has it’s side effects. I set off to find a place that sold comfortis for cats online without any requirements for discount codes, coupons, or rebates- after long hours of searching I found a place.

I decided to order my package. About 2 weeks later I received my package for Comfortis for cats.I opened it up and it pretty much looked legit. I gave it to my cat and she pretty much took it without any problems. Fleas started to die off super fast like the Comfortis I received from the vets. Whenever I had a question I was able to email them and got an answer fairly quick. They were quite helpful at answering the questions I had. The customer service was pretty much good- so if you have a question don’t hesitate to email them.

Instructions for giving Comfortis to your cat

Give Comfortis dosage to your cat/feline on a once a month basis. Comfortis tick and flea pills are avaialable in difference size boxes. please check the information below to see which one is best suited for your pet:

Comfortis For Cats 4-6lb. 6 Pack ( Pink )

Comfortis For Cats 6-12lb. 6 Pack ( Orange )

Please note: Cats over 24 lbs should be administered the appropriate combination of tablets- please ask your vet for more information.

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What’s The active ingredient in Comfortis for cats?

Spinosad is the active ingredient in Comfortis. Spinosad has been used around the world to control many varieties of insect pests which includes, but is not limited to Coleoptera, Diptera, and much more.

What are Comfortis Side Effects in Cats?

Some side effects from giving comfortis to your pet feline may include vomitting, increased or decreased appetite, lethargy or decreased activity, diarhea, cough, vocalization, increased thirst. If you’re cat is experiencing any of this you should talk to your veterinarian about this or any possible side effects. You should talk to your veterinarian before giving this to your pet to make sure this flea medication is the right medication for them.